Wednesday, June 4, 2014

...More Cool Free and Low Cost Stuff

It has been a kind of cool week in terms of getting my hands on free stuff.  I was able to get a free dining table with three additional leaves from Craigslist.  The guy threw in two wooden chairs, one very much an antique.  He also gave me a globe on a fantastic metal stand.  The globe is in sorry is coming apart but based on countries on the map it is pre-1948....I was super excited about that one!  Then I scored ten brand new silk pillow covers from Goodwill for a dollar a piece.  I am going to use these for chair covers because I realize that recovering all the chair before the party just may not happen:  Here are the newest finds (although I don't have pictures of the two wooden chairs):

I also had scored last year a nearly complete set of china for 12 on craigslist for $20!  I couldn't believe it.  I went to pick some piece sup and the gentleman said "we found some other boxes do you want those?"  Of course I did!  There were additional pieces, 14 tea cups and nearly all the pieces were perfect.  There are some with a chip here or there but who is complain for what amounted to about .25 cents a piece....

I then found the matching gravy boat on Ebay for $ could I resist!!

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