Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Been Gone a While but...


I haven't posted much but I have been collecting.  Mostly free stuff because frankly free is good.  I don't have photos of everything yet but I wanted to share a list of things I have acquired for the dinner party. 

I probably should begin by saying that the dinner party will be held outside in the frame of an EZ-up portable awning.  The idea is to drape it, light it, and fill it with totally cool stuff.  Here is the list;

EZ -up  - free from neighbor because it had no top.

Huge box of curtains some with really cool Asian motif - free from Craigslist
Mirror - free from Craigslist

8 Chairs; four black bar chairs, three vintage Duncan Phyfe chairs, and one ladderback chair - all free from Craigslist.

Fabric to cover chairs, random bits, $4 muslin/discount fabric.  Curtain panels $3 for all from thrift store.

Vintage china service for 12, almost complete -- $20, yes less than a tank of gas....and yes, Craigslist.

Assorted serving platters and soup tureen - free from a house that had stuff piled in the yard.  I asked if I could take/buy, the answer was "take whatever you want."

Steampunk wall clock - free from the house above.
Really cool metal and wood stand - free from house above.

Metal chandelier, new in box $10 - Craigslist.  This will need to be wired to a plug in set up opposed to a hard wire set up. Also will antique it by spraying it with some interesting spray paint.

Christmas twinkle lights - four boxes - $2 (clearance)

2 bolts of snakeskin looking fabric, one brown, one dark red - right place/right time when retail fabric shop was dumping damaged fabric bolts.

Really cool vintage Thai service for 8 - $7 + $10 shipping, Ebay

Vintage radio - $10, this will be used to house the Ipod and speakers to have music at dinner, will probably sit on the neat stand.

There are other bits and pieces but for now these are the basics.  Remember people let stuff go, cool and interesting stuff...you just have to be there to catch it before it goes to someone else or in the trash.